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Today I live Pain-Free, have Self-Love, Inner Peace
and a Work-Life Balance.

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I was born in Mexico and grew up in the United States, when I was 20 years old I packed my suitcases and headed to Spain to study Medicine... It was then when I got confronted with life really fast; I quickly learned that not everything that seemed good on paper was that fabulous in reality… I found it difficult adapting to a whole new culture, continent, society and language. I was not happy, but I did not want to disappoint my family so I stuck it out. Finally, when I realized how miserable I was, I decided to stop my medical studies, move to another country, and chose for my happiness and my well-being over a career.

I ventured out to find ‘home’ and after living in various cities in Europe, Amsterdam became my home. I felt free in the city and I could be myself. However, the stress of the fifth country that I was living in, another new culture, new language, new study, some toxic relationships from the past and severe family circumstances kept accumulating until one day I woke up and I could not move my arms any more… This was the result of a burnout and one of the many symptoms was that it physically manifested in my arms.

Stress had won from me... I was defeated, devastated, and out of my reserves. Pain became my only companion and living ‘day-by-day’ and functioning according to how intense the pain was, became my new standard and life.

After many years of infinite amounts of doctors’ appointments, hoping that they could give me a diagnosis, the results showed that I was ‘healthy’ however,  the pain was 24/7 and excruciating. For a decade I lived in extreme, agonizing chronic pain. I had a burnout that manifested in my arms... In hindsight, me getting a burnout makes sense; you see I used to be very focused on my career, my future and what others thought about me. Yet somehow, I was completely oblivious to the triggers that caused me stress, how I talked to myself, my thoughts were all over the place and I could not really focus, nor was I multi-tasking. I did not have the tools to deal with my daily stress nor emotions. I simply did not have a Work-Life Balance. Also, I did not want to feel any negative emotions, like sadness, loneliness, guilt, etc., and I saw crying as a sign of weakness. I thought that if I would cry I would be weak,  so I would keep all my emotions inside. Coffee and any drinks with caffeine were my favorite and I drank them all day long. I ignored my body when it told me to take a rest and instead, I would drink a double espresso and go for 15km runs, sometimes even longer, instead of resting. I was literally running away from my emotions and used sports as my emotional escape and coping mechanism. 


I remember being in Geneva, at the United Nations Headquarters for a week’s Congress on Human Rights. I was in pain, grumpy and overwhelmed by the long days and sleepless nights because the pain kept me awake. I was standing in the main conference room when suddenly I had an “Aha” moment, or more like a “Oh F**k me!!!” moment. There I was, standing up for human rights of people all over the world, individuals whom I had never met, yet I could not even take care of myself. Something just did not make sense! I was so accustomed to always helping, giving and taking care of everyone else but me. It was at that moment when I realized I needed to take action! & change my life!!!

I struggled with chronic pain and a burnout for almost a decade because I did not know how to deal with my everyday stress until I discovered the practical and effective tools that I now teach my clients. The pain disappeared like magic and I got my life back on track again.

Today I live Pain-Free, have Self-Love, Inner Peace and a Work-Life Balance.

I am also a Certified International Coach, Trainer and Public Speaker and have made my life mission to teach you and as many people in the world how to breakthrough from what is holding you back, have the tools to deal with stress, have self-love, have inner peace, align your Mind-Body connection, be empowered and live the life that you really want while being the best version of yourself every day and getting the tools to have a work-life balance.

Do not wait to get a burnout, get sick, get fired, get divorced, have a mid-life crisis or get too far, to decide to make a change in your life. I speak from life experience so I understand you!


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