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Samaria Torres         mind-body & EMPOWERMENT coaching


About me

Me in a nutshell.....


Self love is something that I learned and I teach it as a profession...a Mind-Body balance is my  daily goal. I'm a happy soul living in Amsterdam with a mission to empower people. Someone once told me that I was a world citizen with an universal soul... that stuck to me.... & I believe that is what best describes me :) Originally from Mexico, raised in the States and living in various countries in Europe for the last 19 years; I have a broad curriculum in life experience & life lessons. I also have a broad Academic trajectory background ranging from Engineering/Medicine to Literature and Linguistics, to Political Science and Human Rights.   


Where I was...



When I was 20 years old I packed my suitcases and headed to Spain to study Medicine...It was then when I got confronted with LIFE really fast; I quickly learned that not everything that seemed good on paper was that fabulous in reality… I found it difficult adapting to a whole new culture, society and language. I was NOT happy, but I did not want to disappoint my family so I stuck it out. Finally, when I realised how MISERABLE I was, it was then when I chose for my happiness and my well-being over a career. After some city hoping in Europe, Amsterdam became my home. I felt free in the city and I could be myself. However, the STRESS of another new culture, new language, new study and severe family circumstances kept accumulating until one day I woke up and I could not move my arms any more. STRESS had won from me... I was defeated, devastated, out of my reserves. Pain became my only companion and living day-by-day- according to how intense the pain was became my standard. After many years of infinite amounts of doctors’ appointments hoping that they could give me a diagnosis, the results showed that I was ‘super healthy’ yet the pain was 24/7 and excruciating. Still I kept going at my own rate and made it even more difficult for myself without really being conscious about it. It was a bit like self-sabotage; for example, I did not even allow myself to take a nap because “I had to finish a dead-line,” so I drank more and more coffee, as a result it almost always took longer than it should of have, simply because I saw taking a nap as a sign of weakness. I remember being in Geneva at the United Nations headquarters for a week Congress in Human Rights, I was in so much pain, I was grumpy and overwhelmed by the long days and bad sleep when suddenly I had a “Aha” moment, or more like a “Oh F**k me!!!” moment.’ I was so accustomed to give to and take care of everyone, that there I was; standing up for the human's rights of people all the way across the world, whom I have never met, yet I could NOT even take care of MY SELF!!! …. Something just did not make sense!!! I NEEDED TO TAKE ACTION! & Change my life!!! Once again, my only goal in life was TO BE HAPPY.... because happiness for me meant: a mind & body balance & a pain-free life !!!! 

Where I am NOW :)



...And that is how it happened; ... I decided to look into other ways to reduce the pain and try to have a 'normal' life again and my journey to a better happy no-pain life, and free of stress began. I learned to set my boundaries and stopped pleasing everyone: family & friends. I learnt that I AM my first-priority!!! I no longer live in fear, anxiety, guilt, pain, nor stressed. I learned to say 'NO' to things, events & people that were draining my energy. I walked away from toxic relationships, not only on an intimate level but on a friendship, professional and family level as well. I quiet my mind from the automatic pilot of 1,000 thoughts a second & stopped living in the past and in the future and started living in the NOW. My current automatic pilot is in the NOW, I have a Zen mind; quiet and no ruminating thoughts. If they happen to show up, I now ALWAYS have the tools within me to stop those thoughts and put myself in a positive state, regardless where I am. I know now what I need to do to take care of myself. I not only learned what self-love means but I embraced it, I became it and I teach it. I have "empowered" myself and have a pain & stress-free life. I took control of my life!!! 

EVERYTHING that I teach and coach I have experienced myself, I am certified from the best trainers and I am here to teach YOU the most valuable set of tools that you can always carry with you and achieve your dreams! I am here to coach you, teach you how to deal with mental and body stress & empower you to be the best version of yourself, because everyone deserves to live in happiness.... & you have that power within. If I can do it, YOU CAN DEFINITELY DO IT!!!! 




Samaria is a: 

  • Certified Master Coach with accreditation from the IAPCM (International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring) 
  • Certified Neuro-linguistic-programming (NLP) Master Practitioner 
  • Certified Neuro-linguistic-programming (NLP) Coach
  • Certified Time Line Therapist
  • Certified Mindfulness & Compassion Trainer & Coach
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Massage Therapist