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Self-Love… huh… what is that?


27 / enero / 2022

I had heard of the word self-love before… yet I never really understood the concept. I had heard that ‘you have to love yourself before you can love somebody else’, I even used it in conversation... yet for me I used to use it more as an empty concept. I wonder if you also have had one of those moments, where you say something just to say it…not really being aware of it?  You know, something simple like when someone asks you; ‘how are you?’  and maybe you are having  a shitty day and your answer is – ‘I’m  good! Thanks for asking’.  You know those automatic answers that we say without really thinking? The ones where we are ‘reacting automatically’  since most of us don’t really take the time to check-in with ourselves and be conscious of what we are saying or thinking. 


In the past, I never really took the time to pay attention to how I was talking to myself. Even though I considered myself a positive person, which I am,  one morning I was listening to a meditation about my internal dialogue and I almost fell off my chair;  I was shocked about how negative my self-talk was… I said stuff like “I’m not pretty enough, I am too fat, my nose is not small enough (even though I had broken my nose  kick-boxing & deep down I was proud of it), my breast are too small, I’m not good enough, etc., etc., etc. the list just went on and on, and let me tell you, the majority of my self-talk, my internal dialogue was NOT positive it was rather quite negative. 


Becoming aware of my internal dialogue and learning how to change it,  was something that made me realize that everything does start within!


… For me Self-love is like a beautiful flower that grows… ONLY if it gets watered,  preferably daily. 


One cannot give what one does not have, and just like I mentioned in the last blog about ‘Why I matter’, there is a huge difference when one is ‘living’  from a place of lack versus a place of love and wholesomeness©


Self-love to me is being able to look at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself how beautiful you are, that you love your nose, that your breast are the perfect size, that your body is amazing for allowing you to move, see, feel, hear, smell, talk, create. Self-love is allowing you to see beauty within you, that you are able to tell yourself- I did a great job today! That you can see the beauty within the imperfections, that you are kind with yourself and stop searching for that ‘perfect -non – realistic mirage’ of whom you think you should be. Self-love is when you can  look at yourself in the mirror and accept and love your love-handles instead of wishing that you would be 3 sizes smaller and talking negative to yourself. Self-love is when you are content with you and are not looking for something outside of you to complete you ©


Self-love is giving yourself enough love, respect and self-worth to walk away from toxicity…Self love is being abundant with you and so much more…  Self-love is also learning how to set your boundaries. 


 And you?? Do you have Self-Love? Do you set your boundaries? 


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