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I matter? Huh, what do you mean I matter?


27 / enero / 2022

For those that dont know my story, I was born in  Mexico and until today I have lived in 5 different countries. It took a burnout that lasted almost 10 years in which most of the time my arms were paralyzed’  whilst also living in chronic pain. It was this dark period in my life that made me realized the importance of ME. Yes, before my burn-out, I was someone that unconsciously was looking for external recognition, validation and acceptance. The funny thing is that I had no idea I was doing this.


 I always wanted to save the world; Yet I never learned that I needed to be full in order to give. Even though I was very optimistic and looked at the bright side of things… I was getting into friendships from a place of lack, I was getting into relationships from a place of lack, I was trying to save the world, yet I was coming from a place of lack.


 A place of lack? You may be asking yourself yes I was looking outside of me;  to people, things and places to complete me.  I was unaware of myself and of what I truly neededI remember I was in Geneva at the United Nations Headquarters for a human rights conference that lasted a week, we had just had a session in  the beautiful  Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room,  and people were coming up to me and asking for solutions to their problems. I was cranky because I was in a lot of pain and I could barely move my arms.  I was also feeling drained from the lack of sleep because the pain my sleep quality was very poor. I was listening to all their problems and I remember trying to look for solutions for them.  It was precisely at that moment when I had my Oh F%#k Me Moment”… My Eureka moment!!! The moment when I realized that, -  I wanted to save the world, to help individuals all over the world, people whom I have never met in my life, and would probably never meet…YET I DID NOT EVEN KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF MY SELF!!!!  It was at that moment that I realized that I MATTERED because  how was I supposed to help someone if I did not take care of MY SELF FIRST? You know that saying on the plane, the one about -if the pressure drops you must first put on the oxygen mask first on yourself first and then help your kids or others in need. Realizing that I needed to take care of myself first was the most important turning point in my life.Not only for my own mental health, well-being and happiness, as well as, realizing that if I wanted to help others, I needed to take care of myself first. Realizing that I matter, was the door that needed to be open. Even though,  I was a very optimistic person,  I did not have self-love, and realizing that I matter, was the beginning for my self-love journey. 


And you?? Do you matter?? Do you matter to you?? 

Do you have Self-Love?



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